Tools & Resources

Remodeling: Barnard and Associates Remodeling, Inc.

Home Inspection:

Choice Home Inspection Services, Inc.
805 South Glynn St. Ste. 127 #105
Fayetteville, Georgia 30214

Choice Home Inspection Representitave:
Clark Cummings:
Phone: 770-490–6911
Fax: 678-489–4743

7770 Newnan Road
Brooks, GA 30276
DPC Services Representative: Becky Long
Office: 770.460.5258
Cell: 407.223.2974

Gary Sloan with Discovery Inspections, LLC. |
Office Phone: 678-364-1111
Cell Phone: 404-406-6100
Fax: 678-364-9070
Address: 420 Dividend Drive, Suite A-2, Peachtree City, GA, 30269

Integrity Air and Home Inspection Services
Integrity Air and Home Inspection Services Representative:
Melvin Robinson
Phone: 678.521.6454


Closing Attorneys:

John Kimbell | | Edge & Kimbell Law, LLC

Lawson & Beck, LLC | | Gary Lawson

Slepian, Schwartz & Landgaard LLC | | Eric A. Slepian Attorney at Law

Marlene Young | | Weissman Attorneys At Law

Survey- A survey will help you make sure that the home that you are purchasing is
located on the correct lot and within the building setbacks. It will also help you make sure you place any additional outside storage buildings and fences on your lot and not your neighbor’s lot. This is also helpful with the owner’s title insurance should a claim ever be made on this insurance policy.

Delta Surveyors | Al Gaskin | 770-460-9342

W D Gray and Associates | 770-486-7552

Advanced Geodetics Inc.| 770-461-5838

Termite Bond – An ounce of prevention is worth its weight in gold. Make sure that your home is termite free. Most buyers will want to know that you maintain your home through a termite bonding program. Keep this maintained throughout your ownership period as buyers look at this as an added buying bonus. Consider a bond with repairs. It will cost you a little more each year but will save you in the long run.

Skyline Pest Solutions | Mickey Spillane | 404-975-8489

Taylor Exterminating | 770-461-8214

Northwest Exterminating | 770-507-2121

Terminix | 770-460-8430

Active Home Solution | 770-954-9941

Appraisal – This will be handled by the mortgage company. This will determine the value of your home in the current market conditions. Appraisals were able to be used for one year in the past, but due to the current market conditions they may only used for three or possibly for six months. Some mortgage companies are requiring more than one appraisal if they feel that a declining market has started in your area.

Mortgage Lenders:

Home Bridge: David Mulkey | 770.560.7646 |

United Community Bank: Heather Worby | 404.309.2956 |
Supreme Lending: Brian Messer | 678-343-6115 |

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation: Matthew Rice | 770-490-9866 |

Southeast Mortgage: Brent Brownlee | 678-201-3430 |

Delta Community Credit Union, Peachtree City Location: Rhonda McClain | 404-677-4246 |

Septic Clearance Letter (when applicable) – These letters can usually be obtained from your local Environmental Health Department.

Fayette County- 770-460-5730

Coweta County- 770-254-7422

Henry County- 770-954-2078

Pike County- 770-567-2007

Well Test (when Applicable) – are also generally performed by the Environmental Departments listed above. Test can be performed for bacteria.

Filter Right Inc: Tim Lasiter 404-641-6857 – Can test for Iron, PH, Taste & Odor, Reverse Osmosis & Bacteria

The University of Georgia through the County Extension Service –
770-460-5730 – Can test for Bacteria, Pesticides, Metals and etc.

World Class Service Providers:

Wright Estate Sales, LLC:

Erika Wright | 404-844-8310 |

Specializing in Estate Sales, Liquidation, Moving or Downsizing

Southern Staging & Redesign:

Nan Johnston | 770-251-0608 |

HSR Certified Professional Home Stager and Redesigner